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July 17, 2017

Spiders, ladybugs, earwigs and bees find luxurious new digs

Washington, VA — The Inn at Little Washington is pleased to announce a twelve room expansion – for insects.  Created with the finest wood, leaves and twigs, the Little Bug Inn is available on a first come, first serve basis, and it is conveniently located next to the Inn’s vegetable garden.  A variety of solitary bees, including leaf cutter and carpenter bees, as well as a number of spiders, have already set up residence.

“We welcome all guests to the Inn, regardless of creed, color, political party or species,” said the Inn’s chef/proprietor Patrick O’Connell.

Bug hotels are built to encourage beneficial insects to set up shop in the garden, with the goal of inviting  predators to eliminate harmful pests, and pollinators which will help optimize future garden growth.  The use of different materials is designed to invite different types of insects.

As an example, logs with drilled holes or pieces of bamboo make an excellent home for solitary (non – nesting) bees and wasps such as carpenter bees and leaf cutter bees. They lay their eggs inside the holes, allowing larvae to develop until they are ready to emerge. These types of bees are excellent pollinators, working more extended hours than honey bees who only work during fine weather. These solitary bees and wasps are non-aggressive since they have no nest or hive to protect. Several of the drilled hole logs are already full and were filled within 12 hours of completion.

Several rooms are ideal for spiders, ladybugs and earwigs, all of which are great garden predators, eating pests such as aphids and thrips. While the rooms were created with an aim to house these insects for the winter, many spiders have already moved in.

The insect house will be a part of the garden for many years to come. It has been weather proofed with beeswax and linseed oil to keep the interior dry and some of the materials will be replaced yearly, typically in the early summer.  Follow the Inn on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest photos of the Little Bug Inn at Little Washington.

About The Inn at Little Washington

The Inn at Little Washington now in its 39th year is located in the historic village of Washington, Virginia in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 67 miles west of the nation’s capital. The Inn has been a culinary destination since it opened in a former garage in 1978. Among its many accolades, The Inn has received five James Beard Awards including Best Restaurant in America and Best Chef in the US, and received two stars from Michelin in their first Washington DC Guide in 2016. It is the longest tenured Forbes 5 Star restaurant in America.

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